A simple but useful guide for online poker rookies

When it comes to popularity and fascination, online poker has both of it. The craze of this card game has increased tremendously over the years as the majority of the whole world are now inter-connected between their mobile devices, computers, and other technological tools using the power of the internet.

It is very noticeable that a lot of conventional poker players are switching to online poker which also opened the doors for large pot tournaments and the much-deserved recognition that players are receiving in both local and the international tournament levels.

However, this does not entirely work knowing that mobile or online poker has a different style and playing environment that will surely catch you off guard, so it would be better to learn the basics of online poker, knowing that it is completely harmless to start over again for a thing that you are already familiar with.

With just a few tweaks and a few familiarizations, you can ensure yourself that you are ready to play online poker especially if you follow this short guide that is prepared for you by situs poker Indonesia.

  1. The game’s objective

Online poker’s objective is to make the best hand which is similar to conventional poker that is a five-card combination by using the in-hand cards and the community cards as well.

The dealer then deals with the players on the online poker table by folding two cards, after that, the dealer then deals the cards starting with the player from the left side of him and ends with the dealer himself. The first player who is dealt with the first card is the one who will be starting the betting action.


  1. Betting mechanics

Regardless of who among the competing players on turning to act, place a call, fold the card, or raise the bet, in online poker, it is important to have a call which is matching the amount that is raised into the pot money while folding is giving up one’s hand and also the chips in the pot while raising refers to adding more chips into the pot money.

  1. Game mechanics

This kind of process continues until each player have already called in or all of the chips are in the middle while after each player have placed their bet, the dealer then deals with three cards on the board which is facing up. These three cards are known as community cards where each player can use it for flop.

After that, they will have their own turn where the dealer serves the fourth card which can still be used by each player.

  1. Determining the winner

Afterwards ‘turn’ comes, where the dealer serves a fourth card that can be used by any player where they will engage in another betting, raising, folding, and checking until the dealer places the fifth card which is known as the river where it can still be used by the players before they start the last round of the process.

Just like conventional poker, the winning player is the one who holds the highest ranked hand is declared the winner.