How to Clean and Care for your Sex Toys

Buying a sex toy is a love story from two sides, and remember that not everything needs to be accepted. Your reliable friend offers an orgasm again and again, and all he asks for is to give him some TLC. This will help save the life of a sex toy and also significantly reduce the likelihood of infections. How to clean it will depend on what gender you have.

Silicone sex toys

If you have a silicone sex toy, let me congratulate you, as this is one of the best materials you can choose for your sexual adventures. This is great because it quickly heats up to body temperature and there is a minimal chance of an allergic reaction. When you store your silicone sex toys, make sure that they do not touch each other, because the next time you want to use your sex toy, they will join, and I’m not talking about a good kind of binding. This type of bonding is that silicone melts, forming a large genetically deformed monster of a sexshop toy.

Care for your Sex Toys

Hard plastic toys

If you have hard plastic sex toys, then cleaning them is a game for children, as they are not porous, and a high-quality cleaner for sex toys will make your precious cleaning very short. If you are going to share, using a condom is always a good idea with hard plastic toys.

Jelly rubber sex toys

Gel rubber is a porous material, so extra attention is required to keep it clean and eliminate all bacteria. You can use a mild soap, but the use of chlorine, boiling water and alcohol is not recommended, as it is too strong for delicate rubber.

Urethral sex toys

If you love kicking by inserting sex toys into the urethra, then it is really worth spending a little more time on sterilization before you start having fun. Most urethral toys, such as semen plugs, are made of medical stainless steel, so boiling for a few minutes should be enough.