About Us

About The Women in Business Network

Business women who own SME firms, are self-employed, or operate as professional service providers for small businesses are eligible to join GBW.

The mission of GBW is to foster communities of business women committed to developing excellent business partnerships. Members profit from one other’s business referrals, mutual assistance, and partnerships, among other things.

What distinguishes GBW…

Committed to Women's Support

Because GBW is a franchise, the women who operate your groups are committed to providing the finest networking experience possible for their members - after all, it is their business. All GBW franchisees have one passion: they are committed to assisting women in achieving success in their companies and careers. Naturally, they will link you with other businesswomen, but you will also discover that your GBW franchisee will become one of your biggest supporters!

Networking in a 'Secure' Setting

Many of our members tell us they enjoy GBW because it has a'safe' atmosphere. We've all been in gatherings when we felt frightened or unable to rise to the level of bravado. Women are inherently empathic, and given that the majority of us have experienced impostor syndrome at some point in our lives, if you're concerned about networking, women-only organisations are an excellent place to start. Joining a women's networking organisation can help you grow not just professional relationships, but also your confidence.

Professional Discretion

Professional exclusivity is a feature of GBW networking groups. This implies that regardless of whether you're a conveyancing solicitor or a life coach, an accountant or a graphic designer, you can be confident that your group will be devoid of other businesswomen doing the same thing. This has the advantage that you won't feel compelled to compete for business with someone else in the room, and you won't feel compromised if a contact outside GBW requests a referral and two group members provide the same service.

There are no targets and no hard sell.

While we urge our members to send business to one another, GBW does not believe in referral objectives. A genuine recommendation from someone who knows you and your business well is worth more than a slew of target-driven 'hard sell' referrals, in our opinion. That is why we do not require our members to meet certain goals.

Serious About Business Networking

We realise that successful businesswomen want their time spent quickly and effectively, and the framework of our sessions is one of the keys to our members' networking success. Our meetings follow a tried-and-true format that maximises members' opportunities for business growth via successful networking. Having said that, our franchisees know how to maintain a high level of enthusiasm and ensure that meetings are both enjoyable and productive!

Local Networking with National Reach

GBW is a nationwide networking organisation comprised of both regional and national chapters. This means that as a member, you will join a monthly meeting of like-minded local businesswomen. Additionally, you're a member of a wider UK-wide network, which provides nearly limitless options for networking.

Develop Robust Business Relationships

As a member of GBW, you can join one of our local groups, which meet sometimes or constantly at hospitality places, or one of our national groups, which meet only online. Meeting with the same group each month is ideal for developing strong relationships with your fellow members - this is critical for knowing your fellow members' companies and helping you to recommend and assist one another successfully.


We accept companies of all sizes, from part-time to full-time, new to established, single traders to corporate, and we cordially welcome members of all ethnicities and genders to network the way women network. Our strength comes from the variety of our membership and the assistance that members may provide one another in the organised environment provided by our meetings.

Day time meetings

Our meetings are scheduled throughout the working day and during school hours to assist members who have children or simply prefer not to meet in the early morning.